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How To Find The Right Type Of Humidifier Filters?
by: John Elrow
There are many reasons people choose to humidify their homes. Dry air caused by winter or living in a dry climate is responsible for a range of problems. Physical symptoms of dry air include: a dry nose and throat, which can make you feel sick. Other physical problems include chapped lips and tight, dry skin. Dry air can wreak havoc on your home as well. Static electricity is caused by lack of moisture in the air. This lack of moisture causes the air to pull moisture from your wood furniture and floors, causing cracking and splitting.

You can choose a room humidifier or a whole house model. Whole house machines are only available if you use a forced air heating system in your home. Your basic choices for humidifying your home are warm mist, vaporizer, or cool, pure mist humidifiers. Vaporizers cause the least amount of health problems, while cool mist models spread the most germs.

Benefits of Humidifier Filters

For many years, people with respiratory problems have been advised to use a humidifier. This advice is changing, as more is learned about potential dangers associated with these products. Humidifiers can cause respiratory problems, even in people with no history of difficulty. The main causes of these problems are bacteria and mold spores.

Improper use of a humidifier can spread bacteria and mold through the air. These particles are then breathed into the lungs, causing breathing problems and illness. To prevent this, you need to use care when using one of these products in your home. Many cool mist humidifiers are now being made with humidifier filters to help prevent the spread of these particles.

Materials used in Filters

A variety of absorbent materials are used in humidifier filters. Some have microbial coatings. These help reduce bacteria, but can clog easily. To be efficient, they must be changed regularly.

The best choice is a machine that uses High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA). People with allergies or asthma need these products, which are the air filtration option most often recommended by doctors. The material used in making HEPA filters is fiber glass and synthetic resin in a tight weave. This construction traps tiny particles as small as .3 microns. More particles are removed with HEPA than any other filter on the market.

There are a few models on the market that are combination humidifier and HEPA air purifier. People with severe respiratory problems sometimes use a separate air filtration system to keep the air clean. Both machines can be used simultaneously to both moisturize and clean the air without making you ill.

Replacing a used filter

In most cases, you can purchase a replacement filter in the store where you bought your machine. Depending on the store, there may be a less expensive option. Replacements are easily found on the internet for all humidifiers. You need to make sure you get the right product and size for your machine.

Pictures are available on most websites. Look at the brand and model number as well as the picture to be sure you are getting the correct size. Find out if the vendor has a return policy, in case you accidentally order the wrong item. Many companies charge a flat rate for shipping. To save money in the long run, purchase a few at a time. You will always have a spare when you need one.

It's important to change filters regularly. Check the manufacturer's directions to determine the frequency. This information is only a guideline. If your machine gets heavy use, replace the filter more often. With even the most minimal use, it should be changed at least once a year, at the end of the season. Discard the old filter before you pack the machine away and put in a new one for the next season.

Humidifier bacteria treatment products are said to extend the life of humidifier filters. These solutions kill bacteria in the water, keeping the filter healthier. You place the solution in the water before every use. A large bottle will last the season because you only need one capful for each application. These products can be purchased in many stores selling humidifiers and at most hardware stores.

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