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How to Create A Tuscan Wall Mural -
by: Steve Valentino
Wall murals make a house unique. They are an easy and inexpensive way to fill your home with scenes that make you happy, relaxed, and proud of your home. Then what better inspiration than Tuscany, the sun-soaked, romantic region in Italy?

Tuscan wall murals use smoky taupe, elegant creams, warm browns, tile and marble. Tuscan wall murals look wonderful by stairs or in entryways to create the image of a sprawling Tuscan landscape just outside.

Tuscan wall murals are some of the more difficult murals to create on your own. Rather than simply copying a stencil, you will probably need to blend paints to capture the image of sun warming a Tuscan patio. It will also need to look lifelike so that it fits with your décor. A Tuscan wall mural does more than decorate a room—it creates a room.

You can easily find someone who will create a Tuscan wall mural for you. Check your phonebook for professional mural painters. Depending on the complexity and size of the wall, the cost will probably range from around $20 to $100 a square foot. A professional can have the mural completed quickly.

If you choose to make your own mural, you will save money at the expense of time. Expect to pay fewer than five dollars per square foot, but a very large time commitment. A Tuscan wall mural kit can help you plan your mural. Check your local craft, paint, or home improvement store.

You can, however, easily incorporate elements of a Tuscan wall mural on your own. You can easily accent your walls with faux Tuscan tile. Just measure out tile squares with a ruler, and use a sponge and several colors of paint to create the perfect look. Practice coloring your tiles on spare dry wall first. Or use a stencil to paint ivy accents. Use green and blues to help open your space and yellow and reds in Tuscan gardens to warm your walls. Paint architectural elements in neutral creams to blend with the mural and your home.

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