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Adding A Floor Lamp to Your Home!
by: Mike Yeager
A floor lamp is a great addition to a home. These lamps are great for lighting a small area or a large area. They add a distinct look to a room. They come in many styles and designs. Many are able to be matched to your furniture, curtains, or other accessories. Floor lamps are a great design feature in a room as well as a necessary feature in providing light.

Floor lamps come in different styles and shapes. Most are tall, like 6 feet or taller and have an open faced feature at the top to allow light to filter towards the ceiling. This allows the light to spread out in a soft, but effective way and illuminate an area. These lamps can also be halogen floor lamps which are much more cost effective and energy saving.

The designs of floor lamps vary. You can find a multitude of styles, colors, and features available in these lamps. Floor lamps can have an added texture as well. A decorative lamp shade or glass globe with etched or stenciled designs can be a great touch to a room. You can find contemporary floor lamps and elegant floor lamps, You can find stylish and sleek or funky and wide looks in floor lamps. There is an unlimited amount of choice available to you. And, to find these floor lamps you don't have to look far. Many discount department stores carry them. Or, to find a bigger selection try, your local home improvement store. You can also find lighting specialty stores with a huge supply there. Lastly, you can find many to choose from online.

Floor lamps are an easy, inexpensive way to add to your room. They create a area to work in, to read in, or light an entire room. Floor lamps are accessories in a room as well. They add to the room in light quantity and in the style and feel that they offer as well. Floor lamps are a great addition to a room

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