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Adding a Fireplace Mantel.
by: Mike Yeager
Perhaps you already own a fireplace but would like to add a fireplace mantel to it? Or maybe this is a complete project you had in mind including the fireplace and its mantel. Regardless a fireplace mantel is an excellent addition to your living area. And, there are many choices to choose from as well. Wood or stone? A shelf or an entire surrounding wall?

Putting in a fireplace mantel into your home will add a nice touch to your fireplace. It will also give you considerable room to display your treasures. A mantel can be a great place for pictures, a sculpture, or even just knick knacks. Or, for another effect, it can be left empty.

Then there are the choices in fireplace mantels that you have. The first one is a wood fireplace mantel. A wood fireplace mantel would look great in a room that already had some wood items. Perhaps a knotted pine wall or the molding in the room will be a tool to find a matching fireplace mantel. The surrounding area in the room that you will place your fireplace should give you some idea of what you would like it to look like. Another option is stone. A stone fireplace mantel is very nice if the surrounding area will match it in some way. Adding touches of the element, whether stone or wood, throughout the room will help to make it mesh.

A fireplace mantel is an excellent addition to a home. It adds style and design as well as a place to store precious items that you wish to show off. A fireplace mantel that matches the room in some way is perfect. Finding the right one may prove to be a little more difficult, but shouldn’t be harder then checking out a few home improvement stores or catalogs. A fireplace mantel is something to consider if you have a fireplace or plan to install one.

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