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Salt and Its Dark Side
by: Dr. Patrick Flanagan
I am Dr Patrick Flanagan, and this is the latest edition of my Dr Health Secrets newsletter.

I am a scientist with over 300 inventions related to health, longevity and medicine. This newsletter installment is about salt and its effects on your body.

Sugar And Spice Make Everything Not So Nice

Do you know anyone like my uncle? You know, the kind that searches for the salt shaker before even sitting at the table? The types who never seems to find anything tasty enough on its lonesome, so they cover everything, from steak to bread, with an extra pound of salt? Your look at them with astonishment and possible nausea, and wonder how it is that they have yet to fall over from a heart attack. Their poor bodies ache for salvation, and water, and while their capacity to discern between thirst and hunger diminishes, their bodies, and waistline, begin to suffer.

Could You Pass The Salt?

Average table salt contains 98% sodium, with the remaining 2% comprised of the chemicals that are left behind from the process. 85% of sea salt is comprised of sodium while the other 15% is minerals. Problem is, that until I did the research I had no idea how important sea salt is for health, and how unhealthy processed salt really is. Aside from severe dehydration, and possibly kidney failure caused from stress and too little water, a processed salt overload can lead to an imbalance in the body that can then lead to more serious health implications. I know, more serious than kidney failure? Maybe not more serious, but equally as damaging.

Insomnia, low blood pressure, weak pulse, thick blood, reduced blood volume, lethargy, impaired water excretion, pulmonary hyper-tension, mental confusion, anxiety, depression, hostility, apathy, memory loss, inability to concentrate, withdrawal, immune deficiency, high cholesterol, intracellular swelling, tachycardia, muscle pain, allergies, chemical sensitivity, hair loss, tooth decay, de-vascularization and necrosis. Over a long enough period of time, the body begins to die from malnutrition and low blood-pressure. Salt also robs the body of its electrolytes, which are needed to help in keeping the kidneys healthy and happy.

Salt is probably one of the most basic and staple foods of the human diet. The reason that table salt has negative effects on the body is because it is a man-made product comprised of only sodium and chloride. These two elements have their purpose, but in large quantities, they can be very dangerous to the body.

Water Is Salvation

MegaHydrate, a new and exception additive in the area of hydration, makes it possible for people to rid themselves of harmful substances, such as processed salts. MegaHydrate decreases the surface tension of water, which means that less water is needed to hydrate your body. Also a powerful antioxidant, MegaHydrate helps replenish and maintain the immune system at the same time that it helps stabilize the body's water levels. Pretty impressive for one supplement.

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