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How Your Hair Loss Product Works: Hair Growth 101
by: Barton Griffen
Once you know the basics of how your hair grows, you can make better choices about using a hair loss product or herbal hair loss remedy. If you can choose the right herbal hair loss product, you can keep your hair growing longer and stronger for years to come.

Hair Follicles: Your cellular powerhouse.

The first two outer layers of your skin are called the epidermis and the dermis. The dermis contains a rich lode of blood vessels, nerve endings, fat reserves, and your hair follicles.

The follicle is depression that penetrates into your dermis, the second layer of skin. This is where all the hair-growing action takes place. Once you understand this, you can see the basic flaw in many hair loss remedies. A hair loss product that you apply directly to your scalp has little chance of penetrating down to your dermis, where all the new hair growth takes place. Some chemical hair loss remedies can do this, but these hair loss products have other drawbacks that we'll get to later.

At the bottom of the follicle there's a bundle of cells called the papilla. The papilla contains all the blood vessels that feed the hair, and also produces new hair cells. The ideal hair loss product feeds and nourishes the cells of the papilla. These cells are highly active in a healthy, hair-producing follicle. The cells constantly divide and create new hair cells. As the new hair cells are formed, older cells are pushed up and out of the follicle, creating the hair shaft.

The follicles go through a regular 3-phase cycle. In the anagen phase, or growth period, the papilla is vigorously active, producing strong, thick hair. The catagen is like the yellow light, when the growth slows down. The telogen phase is the resting period. It's like a red light, where cell production stops. If the follicle is healthy, this last phase is temporary. Soon the light turns green, and the papilla goes back into the anagen phase again, creating new hair.

The papilla is your key to treating and preventing hair loss. Although there are many different causes of hair loss, the effect is always the same: the papilla produces fewer and weaker hair cells, or stops producing altogether. If you can find an herbal hair loss product that nourishes the papilla and stimulates the production of healthy new hair cells, you'll grow stronger, healthier hair.

Conventional Hair Loss Treatment

Conventional hair loss treatment tends to do one of two things. In the first case, chemicals are introduced to stimulate the papilla to more activity. The only FDA-approved chemicals that do this are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Minoxidil works by making the anagen phase of hair growth last longer. Researchers don't completely understand how it works. Once you take this hair loss product, you have to keep on taking it, because if you stop this hair loss remedy your hair will rapidly return to its old hair loss pattern.

Finasteride slows down the speed of hair loss, but the method isn't completely understood. This hair loss remedy has been known to cause ambiguous genitalia in male fetuses, so it's unhealthy for women to use this hair loss treatment.

Nobody really knows the long-term effects of continuously using these drugs.

Another conventional hair loss remedy is "transplants." In this case, individual follicles are taken from a "donor patch" of healthy hair, and "planted" in the thin or bald areas. If you've listened to salesmen pitching traditional hair loss remedies, you've probably heard the analogy between your hair and a plant. But your scalp is not a patch of topsoil!

Many people have been pleased with the results of this method of hair loss treatment, but it still has some drawbacks. It is expensive, costing upwards of several thousand dollars to complete. It requires that you still have healthy hair on some part of your head, and that you're willing to sacrifice some of it to create thicker hair elsewhere.

Finally, transplanting active follicles doesn't treat the conditions that caused the follicles to become inactive in the first place. Only a hair loss product that nourishes the hair-producing cells can do that.

"Hair Food" vs. Hair Nutrition

A new approach that's showing a lot of promise is that of "feeding" your hair follicles with an herbal hair loss product. Our fast-paced modern lifestyle makes it hard to have an ideal diet, and the food you eat doesn't always pack the nutritional punch that it should.

When your body doesn't get enough nutrients, it may "ration" them. The richest supply will go to your brain and other vital organs, while less important parts of the body, such as the hair follicles, get depleted.

Some herbal hair loss remedies try to "feed" your hair with a special shampoo or lotion for your scalp. The idea is that your hair is like a field of corn, and you can just dump some fertilizer and expect your crop to grow better.

But remember, your scalp is skin, and the main purpose of your skin is to keep things out. While outer skin cells may be able to absorb oil, and become more soft and pliable in the process (think of sunscreen or moisturizer, for example), most topical hair loss products aren't likely to penetrate into the living cells of the papilla, deep in the second layer of the dermis.

If you want to nourish your hair, you need to do it through the blood. Many traditional herbs can do this, but you need the right combination of herbs to perform three crucial tasks:

1. Direct. You need herbs that will boost circulation to the follicles, to make sure the other herbs and nutrients will reach them.

2. Cleanse. Once the formulas reach the follicles, you need some agent that will help remove toxins and the buildup of dead cells and other obstructing substances, so that the papilla are free to absorb fresh nutrients to produce healthier hair cells.

3. Nourish. Finally, the abundant compounds can get in, providing the papilla with the basic building blocks that are critical for growing new hair cells.

Samson's Secret has the right herbal hair loss remedy for improving your hair and rejuvenating old follicles. Our secret is in addressing the root causes of hair loss, so that you can improve and rejuvenate your hair.

When choosing the herbal hair loss product that's right for you, you need to get to the root of the problem. Only the hair loss remedy that feeds your papilla can promote the natural, long-term health of longer, stronger hair. Samsons' Secret is the ideal hair loss product.

About the author:
Samsons' Secret is a company dedicated to hair loss treatment and creating natural hair loss products. The Samsons Secret hair growth formula is a blend of botanical supplements that has been under development for over 20 years.

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