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Poker Ė Know Your Limits
by: Adel Awwad

Whether youíre playing poker in a casino with your chips right in front of you or playing an online poker game in an internet casino, itís easy to get carried away when youíre betting. If youíve had to hitchhike home from Las Vegas because you broke the bank or if you are on the verge of getting a divorce due to the fact that you canít afford to pay the internet bill because of your internet casino habit, take the problem seriously. There are meetings and support groups available for you. Ask your doctor for help.

However, if your problem is a little less serious than that: you tend to get a little overzealous with your betting when stakes are high and the heat of the online poker game is at a boiling point, then here are a few things for you to try. You can have fun playing online poker without losing your shirt Ė or having to worry about money at all. All you need to do is set a few guidelines for yourself!

-Set a limit. Just like you might hand your credit cards and ATM card over to your best friend and go to a brick and mortar casino with a specific amount of cash in your pocket, so too should you go to an online casino, use your credit card for one specific amount and then put it away.

-Enjoy a free amateur game. If youíve bet your limit but still feel like playing online poker, play a few free amateur games. Most internet casinos have plenty to offer. If you enjoy yourself, maybe the next time around, youíll throw your money onto their online poker table.

-Keep track. By all means, donít lose track of how many deposits youíve made into your internet casino account. Just because you might forget doesnít mean it didnít happen!

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This article was posted on November 04, 2005


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