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Finding The Right Poker Table
by: Johnny Hand

To be honest with you I spent months researching poker tables. I went to every on-line store known to man kind. I researched felt colors, quality, types, and even the different style legs. In this article I will cover a few of the things I spent countless hours researching to help you spend less time.

When purchasing a discount poker tables today, you are faced with a true problem. You can get a second mortgage on your house and buy a casino quality table. Or you can collect some cans and spend a few dollars and buy one these tables on a table.(typically called a table topper) These make your typical living room table into the hottest poker spot in your neighborhood. The only problem with these table toppers, is quality. How can you know you're getting a quality table at discount you ask? Check here for starters:

Some of these answers depend who you buy it from. You can look for your tables at online sites, at your local novelty store, or even department stores. These places may or not be relatively safe depending on their return policy. Other less secure places include fly by night Web sites that are here today, gone tomorrow. Buy from one of these, and you may not be able to return a lemon table that breaks on the second deal.

Trusted online sites, though, offer the best product that you won't even need to worry about returning. Their selection of discount poker tables usually includes those really expensive full-sized tables, as well as the table over a table types.(table toppers)

In whatever kind of table you look for, check out the green (can vary in color) felt first. This is very important. This should be smooth to the touch, smoothed out, and secured on the table. Check for strange lumps or breaks in the felt that could interfere with all the chips coming your way. These lumps could interfere with dealing. There is nothing worse then a card being flipped over during a deal! Good models typically also come with inset trays for each player to hold drinks (beers!) and chips, the poker kind and the greasy kind.

Some fancier table in a table discount poker tables will also have black vinyl along the closing surface so it's easy to place on any table. All of them make it easy to fold up and store them between games. This is especially important if you're wife, or husband, does not allow you to play very often.

In conclusion, take your time. Believe me I know your anxious to find a table and have your buddies over. I was very happy with my table. I found a professional casino table with padded cushions to rest your arms on and it had sturdy folding legs so I can store it away when done. It was the best of both worlds. Good luck and remember you do not have to go all in!

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This article was posted on November 05, 2005


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