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by: Jeffrey Broobin
Most often a divorce is contested when the man and women cannot find a common consensus. Most of the disagreements concern the Children, Visitation and how to divide the assets of the marriage along with Child Support, Alimony, How to deal with Family Debts, and who will pay for the Education of the Children and Possible College expenses, Insurance and Tax Problems After a divorce case is filed, you are given a number and depending on how many people filed before you, will determine how long it will take to come to trial. Generally unless you know someone the cases are determined in the order of your number. When your number comes up you are called, either by phone or mail. Depending on where you live it can be on the spot. Divorces are all Contested until both parties can come to an agreement and the attorneys can come to a consensus on all relevant issues. Then they can address the Court that it is no longer a Contested Divorce but now an Uncontested Divorce. When this happens there will be a hearing that will consider both parties that sometimes requires proof of claims made by either party. If the laws of the court and the state are considered and are acceptable, the court will approve the settlement and enter a divorce Judgment on that the same day or in the near future.

About the author:
Jeffrey Broobin is a free-lance writer on family and finance issues; his main goal is to help people during their complicated period of life.

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