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The Razr Family is Expanding! Razr V3i, Pink Razr, Blue Razr, Verizon Razor
by: Sam Michelson

Motorola Razr for CDMA Users

Motorola is marketing different phones for men and women. Moto’s newest line of pink and blue Razr offspring seems to assume that there are men who will prefer blue and women who will want the pink one. They’re probably right!

The classic Silver Motorola Razr captured the lion’s share of new cell phone buying over the past year or so, causing Motorola to encroach on Nokia’s enviable leading position.

Motorola is planning to cash in on its huge success with the razor thin look and feel of the original Razr v3. The NPD Group, a leading cellular market researcher, found that Motorola cell phone sales accounted for 30% of the 31.6 million cell phones sold in the third quarter of 2005. The Motorola V3i with iTunes software and the Pink and Blue cell phones promise to give Motorola an ever-increasing share of the cell phone market.

People who care about how they look or want to make a statement, will be the first to get their Motorola Razr fix. These Razr thin phones are ceating a lot of attention - making them must-haves in some circles.

Mazal Tov!The Motorola Razor family is growing by four new members; Motorola RAZR Pink (RAZR PNK?) and Razr Blue, (RAZR BLU?) plus two new versions - Motorola CDMA RAZR for Verizon with EVDO and Motorola RAZR V3i (with iTunes). The new Razr phones include all the great features as the original models. The Blue and Pink versions are really style updates designed to make your cell phone an accessory - like a stylish watch.

The new CDMA version of Razr (for Verizon) will satisfy the appetite of Verizon Wireless subscribers who have long ogled over Cingular and T-Mobile’s Razr offerings. The Razr V3i aims to redeem Motorola’s slightly tarnished reputation when it comes to MP3 phones. Unlike the Rocker which had only music going for it, with the Razr V3i the MP3 capability is essentially an add-on.

The Motorola has not made a statement about the chosen carrier for the Motorola v3i many are speculating that Cingular is the choice. Besides being Razr thin like the original Razr v3 the new v3i has added appeal with the inclusion of the Apple i-Tunes software like on the Motorola ROKR released in September in by Cingular, Apple and Motorola. Cingular just slashed the price of the Motorola ROKR by 40% and several leading cell phone dealers like AmericanCell and YouNeverCall now have the Motorola phone available for free with the purchase of a new Cingular plan.

Until now the Motorola Rokr is the only cell phone around that plays tunes from the iTunes Music Store. Another new addition to the ever increasing Motorola Razr family is new Razr VC which operates on networks of CDMA standard wireless EVDO. Christmas holiday season shopping has now been enhanced with the inclusion of the Razr V3i which sports a 1.23-megapixel digital camera with 8x digital zoom, video capture and a full-screen viewfinder.

Additional features include a hot plugging memory card, a display with sixty-five K color support and built-in Bluetooth. For the late summer-early fall season Motorola earned a profit of $1.75 billion on revenue of $9.42 billion. Motorola stated that its monetary gains for this period were all due to the tremendous success of the Motorola Razr v3. Now Motorola is hoping to further push its financial gains for the next quarter! We’ll wait and see.

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Sam Michelson is a cell phone maven with over 10 years of hi-tech product marketing experience. Over the past 3 years, his company YouNeverCall- has become one of the internet's most successful independent cell phone stores.

Sam Michelson's blog features many of his reviews and commentary on the cell phone industry and market trends.

This article was posted on December 10, 2005


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