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5 Things You Can Do With Flash Memory
by: Lynn Chan

Got flash memory cards? They arenít only for your digital camera. Probably the coolest yet overlooked ways to use your flash memory card is as floppy drive replacement. Think about it, a flash memory card is really a form of storage disk.

Most notebook computers today donít come with a floppy drive anymore. Iíve personally been in situations where I needed to share a file with someone and havenít been able to because they handed me a floppy disk.

If you already own a card or a digital camera, chances are you already have the necessary equipment to read the card and transfer files to and from them. If you donít itís easy. Get yourself a flash memory card reader Ė they are so inexpensive these days you can even pick one up free after rebate if you watch the deals. Hookup it up to your computer and pop in the card. It will show up on your computer as a new drive. When youíre ready to save data to it, just drag and drop. Itís no different than a regular floppy or hard drive. Once you see in this light there is a whole bunch of things you can use your flash memory card for and here are 5 ideas for you.

1. Use as a greeting card. Hey thereís always an occasion around the corner. If youíre already thinking of sending a CD greeting card Ė use your flash memory card instead. With the large storage sizes you can afford to have multimedia in your ecards too and when that person gets tired of it, the card itself is a gift for their computing convenience. As if that wasnít enough, you can probably get by with less postage too.

2. Use as media storage. One of the best things about flash memory cards is how much its small physical size can pack in. With memory sizes up to several Gigabytes, you could use it to store your media like video clips, picture clips, audio files and just about any downloadable content. Its small size also makes it highly portable without taking up valuable space on your notebook computer hard drive.

3. Sharing files or transferring files from one computer to another. If you need to do this often, hereís a quick tip. Carry with you a USB card reader. Many of them are very compact and no heavier than your cell phone. Doing this has advantages over carrying a flash memory drive. Flash memory cards are smaller and a tiny catalog of cards can offer you much more memory than a flash drive. Better carry two things than a bunch of drives.

4. Build yourself an ebook library. Are you a book worm? One tiny flash memory card can store a lot of ebooks since most text based files are smaller than media files. You can store whole libraries of ebooks in various topics either on one card or dedicate one for each topic you are interested in. Again, they are easy to share and very portable Ė youíll never run out of reading material again even when on the road.

5. Run small software from it. Yes, there are tiny software that donít need to be installed and can run from the card itself. This is particularly helpful when youíre using someone elseís computer. Now you can carry your software with you too.

Now that you know Ė gather up those flash memory cards and start using them. Just because your new camera isnít compatible with it doesnít mean you should let it go to waste and the best part is, you wonít have to worry about obsolete cards anymore.

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This article was posted on December 06, 2005


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