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Is There a Cure For Cold Sores? -
by: Thomas Morva
One question on the minds of many people who frequently suffer from cold sores is “is there a cure for cold sores?” Sadly, the answer is no. But while there is no cold sores cure, there are numerous preventive measures people can take to keep their cold sore outbreaks to a minimum.

Some of these preventions include not kissing people who currently have cold sores, protecting the lips from prolonged exposure to the sun, use lip balm with sun block on the lips at all times, and avoiding personal triggers that can lead to a cold sore outbreak. Following these procedures will not guarantee that a person will never have another cold sore, but it will decrease the likelihood that they will have another outbreak.

It is a good idea to avoid any close contact like kissing with anyone who currently has a cold sore. Although people can spread the cold-sore-causing HSV-1 virus even when they do not have a cold sore, it is much more likely to spread when a sore is present. It is advisable not to share any items with people who have cold sores as well. Items such as toothbrushes, towels, razors, and tableware can carry the HSV-1 virus.

It is also a good idea to protect the lips from the sun. People should wear a lip balm containing sunscreen at all times to prevent any burning or drying. Even with the sun block, people should still limit the amount of direct sunlight their lips get. It is advisable to wear a hat or stay in the shade to keep the lips from getting too much sun.

Some foods seem to trigger cold sore outbreaks in some people. Foods and drinks containing caffeine like chocolate, coffee, and soft drinks make some people more susceptible to cold sore outbreaks. People who are sensitive to these substances should limit their intake in order to decrease the likelihood of a cold sore outbreak.

There is no cold sores cure, but taking these precautions can greatly reduce the likelihood of a cold sore outbreak. Anyone who has a weakened immune system is at a risk for cold sores, but many of these preventive measures can still be effective.

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