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Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - Wholesale
by: Lorna Mclaren
For a coffee addict chocoholic, the thought of a double fix through Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans is almost too much. Being able to buy Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Wholesale online and have them delivered to my door is like a dream come true. I am a frequent flyer when it come to buying online but what if you are not?

You want to buy Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans wholesale. You know that the Internet is probably THE place to get the best deals and quality products. But what you aren’t sure of is how to go about buying Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans wholesale without risking your credit card numbers or your identity. Everybody’s heard of those horror tales about people getting their identities stolen and their bank accounts cleared out. It can and does happen if you don’t know how to shop online.

Buying chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale online, or any product for that matter, is not as frightening or difficult as you might think. You just need to know the precautions when you start entering your credit card numbers online.

First, always know what you’re buying. Although a Web site may say it has the best chocolate covered beans, make sure to study the seller’s item description carefully, including any photographs they may have. Watch out for fine print and any unusual adjectives that might suggest that what you’ll get in the mail won’t exactly be what they offered online. And remember the old saying, “If something sounds too good to be true….” If those high-grade espresso beans seem too cheap, chances are they might not be as high-grade as you first thought.

The second step is to be careful how you buy. Before making a purchase at any Web site, find out what type of payments the site will accept and how they are going to ship their products. A red flag could be any Web site that asks for your Social Security numbers, your driver’s license numbers, or your bank account information. You shouldn’t have to give these things for some candy. Check to on the bottom of your tool bar, there should be a padlock to indicate security. Any reputable website offering chocolate covered espresso beans will probably have a secure online shop and they will tell you that.

There are extra precautions that you can take though. Record every purchase you make online. That means printing hard copies of all transaction information, including the shipping information including when you are expected to receive your espress beans and any e-mails that the Web site sends you. Keep the name of the Web site, the official online description of the beans you bought (what weight of beans you have ordered, for instance), and the exact date, time, and price of your purchase. These will be very handy if a problem occurs and the Web site shortchanges you.

If the worst comes to the worst, and you still don’t feel secure buying your delicious chocolate covered beans online, most Web sites will also offer an 800 number. That way, you can order your chocolatey beans the old-fashioned way over the phone. Or better yet, have them send you their wholesale catalog.

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