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Taking A Trip Without Breaking The Bank
by: Nicole Soltau
Early planning is the first step in getting the best deal for a vacation. As soon as the plans for the vacation are in place, research needs to be done as to finding the best possible deals. Utilizing the Internet, travel agents, and personal research can provide an assortment of offers, allowing choice of the best deal for your own personal situation.

Package deals are often offered through websites and agents, allowing for savings in purchasing airfare, hotel, and attraction arrangements all at once. There are as many different websites and agents as there are offers out there, and consideration needs to be made in the variety of offers available. Again early planning is valuable as there might be offers that come and go over the time before the trip is to happen and offers can change often, if not daily.

Hotel and flight arrangements can also be achieved at a lower discount through a traveler's employer as well. Many large companies offer special deals with certain hotels and airlines for their employees. Speaking to your HR office or management team can provide deals that you might have not know about.

Certain credit cards offer deals for their customers as well. Using the card to book rooms and flights with certain hotels and airlines can provide a discount for the cardholders. These discounts, while often small, provide additional savings, providing more money for the trip itself.

If you only need certain components such as hotel or hotel and attraction tickets, looking for individual offers and comparing what is out there can help in saving money. The hotel websites often post special deals, and the time of the trip can affect costs as well. Going during off peak times is often less expensive than going during peak times such as weekend and around holidays.

On a final note, many people apply for a home equity loan or line of credit which comes in handy for a well deserved vacation. Credit unions offer great rates and may be found at

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