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How To Make Your Car Show Attractive
by: Tonza Borden

Vintage automobiles, vendors and entertainment work like a magnet to attract visitors to a well planned and well executed car show. A variety of antique classic cars, trucks and cycles, great food, choice of beverage and plenty of it is what visitors want.

Music Matters

Add live music or a disc jockey spinning tunes from the 50s, 60s and 70s and your visitors will stay in the party mood from beginning to end. And no car show would be complete without fun activities for kids.

Kick It Up A Notch

Another attraction can also be your theme such as 50s costumes or funky vintage attire. This is a simple way for hosts and visitors to add to the attraction. The fun can start with shopping at thrift stores for your outfit. Another popular car show attraction is a Swap Meet.

Ask your group to donate retro items from their garage, storage room, etc. and sell it cheap. The cheaper the prices the more you will sell and there won’t be anything to pack up. Are there any musicians or artisans in your group who would perform for the love of it?

An attraction doesn’t have to be huge or expensive—just interesting and fun. Equipped with a small budget and a large cache of creativity, you can make your car show very attractive.

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