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By Rachel Burd

All of us are collectors. We collect books, watches, dolls and more. Every trinket known to man woman or child is in someoneís collection. As a young adult, I collected bills. The years continued, I matured and added new debt to my growing assortment of bills. I rarely remembered my fantasy of sipping fine wine, basking on the veranda at luxury hotels, asking the Concierge to arrange for tomorrowís cruse. My life of work, sleep, and paying bills repeated boringly each day.

I was burnt out, trampled on, and my once excited spirit finally broken by what life offered me; the day to day boredom of a rain forest sloth. I wanted to scream, help me someone. I just canít stand it anymore. I want the life I dreamed. Convinced, no one would understand my longing for the grand pleasures of life, I lived in quiet misery.

I longed for jobs that yield abundance of travel, wealth, and excitement. That type of job my soul desperately desired. I knew it existed. Iíve met people that live that life. In types of employment, Iíve been of service to these wealthy people. Where is the first class ticket to success?

I learned of a gentleman who had been working at a service station. He made a change in his life. He now has an income of over 500,000.00 a year. How did that happen? Of course, I was skeptical. But my longing of something different and that pile of unopened bills next to my computer prompted me to take action. Thatís when I followed a link to a website. I questioned myself. Could this really be true? Could I really make the kind of money I desire?

I typed in my name, and e-mail address. I received a follow-up e-mail right away. I then made a phone call to that person. Thatís when I learned; yes I learned why I havenít been making the big bucks. The company taught me in a short time how to change my life. This company introduced me to the splendors of life. I still didnít believe it, even when I made $5,000 in one day. Thatís right! I made $5,000 in less than 8 hours.

I now work a job that produces a high yield income. I want to help others achieve this high yield lifestyle. That is why I created my team. The High Yield Team, designed to give others the knowledge so they too can achieve the pinnacle of lifeís desires. The law of attraction works with my team. People pay thousands of dollars for years of higher education, but that education does nothing to teach them about how to obtain more than just a job. Wealth attracts wealth, and my team shows you how.

Youíre worth more, and I show you how to acquire it! Call me at 702-434-3322 or go to my website, High Yield Team. and type in your e-mail. A phone call could get you positioned with the High Yield Team. Do it now, limited positions available. Donít waste another year collecting debt. Make 2005 the year for different type of bills . . . dollar bills!

About the Author

High Yield Team by Rachel Burd is helping others to enjoy life. Rachel Burd is living in Las Vegas, leading the High Yield Team. She is available by phone 702-434-3322 or e-mail


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