A Desert Island Paradise … and a Great Podcasting Course

A Desert Island Paradise … and a Great Podcasting Course

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  1. Daunting question indeed with respect to selling content. Depends on what business your in. It might be good business practice to sell the content, but if you’re in a business where the content drives traffic to your website, sell the services! I will always give away free content, because it furthers my business services.


  2. Improving the traffic that comes from a piece of content recently created is not an easy task today.
    If you rely on search engine traffic, time will solve the problem with the lack of traffic, but only if the content is great.
    If you don’t want to wait, yes, you can promote it right away using a podcast.
    Regarding the question about charging money for good content, I can say that I do something similar, I offer the good content for free, but I get the benefits from a third-party company.

  3. In my opinion, original content – in any form – is not always free. Either it is charged directly or indirectly, it is not totally free. Moreover, no one wants to offer their sweat, creativity, idea, or anything that’s produced from nothing for people to consume for free. On promoting content, I am usually passive about this and I need to get better. Because I build backlinks to my sites, I normally relax on promoting the contents except a few social shares.

  4. You could sell content if it was course related or self-study guides but if you wanted to help drive traffic then offering them on your website for free would be the way to go.

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