What Not to Do (in Content Marketing)

What Not to Do (in Content Marketing)

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  1. Love your refreshingly honest look at the blogging lifestyle. My mini disaster – I called it my “duh” moment came when I found that my WordPress time zone was set (in Settings UTC timezone offset) the wrong country! No wonder all my traffic was from overseas. My daily “duh” :0

  2. Another fantastic week on Copyblogger! I particularly enjoyed Stefanie’s article on the email marketing fail.

    Looking forward to next week already…

  3. Hi Sonia,

    No big mistakes this week.

    But a few weeks back – as I was flying from Thailand to NJ on a 52 hour trip – my blog crapped out. Pretty much down for 24 hours. Somehow one plug in mucked things up (isn’t that the case like 90% of the time? 😉 and I was in a go-between back and forth bit with my developer and host. Waiting on host and they said all looked OK on their own. Should have went to my developer earlier but oh well.

    Happy ending as my developer guy fixed the situation caused by the plug in and my blog went live again while I went into the air up there.

    As for all my mistakes over a nearly decade long blogging career your comments section could not fit ’em 😉

    Really though; anybody who is a pro, full-time, established blogger has made more boo-boo’s then they can remember. Part of our online tuition. Everybody gotta pay 🙂


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