It’s Pet Peeve Week on Copyblogger

It’s Pet Peeve Week on Copyblogger

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for two of your older articles (Build a Better Professional Network and Transform Your Business, 10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing). I’m a content marketing intern myself and those were really helpful! Thanks a ton! I can’t comment there, as the comment sections are closed.

  2. What a peevey week indeed, Sonia. This is fun to read yet something to learn about. And yes, I sort of cringe at the thought of ‘thought leaders’. Maybe it was a good term to use for the first few months since it was coined. But now, it just sounds like a word to describe anyone who says something brilliant even for just once. Can’t week for next week’s roundup!

  3. Love this timing! Last month I thought to myself that my pet peeve was the term ‘my pet peeve’ because it implies there can be only one. 😉

    Funnier still was that it entered my mind because I had been toying with drafting a blog about thought leadership. How we should require a professional distinction, just like there is between a real estate agent and a Realtor®.

    The faux, tactical “thought leadership by checklist” is the undistinguished one that people call themselves all the time. But I abandoned my crusade, because by that logic, the other, more rigorous kind — the one leading his or her audience through expertise, as you put it — would be a Thought Leador®.

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