Connect with Your Audience, Connect to Your Power

Connect with Your Audience, Connect to Your Power

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  1. Thank you for recording “How to Write (Much Better) Blog Comments,” Sonia.

    This speaks to a conversation I had on Twitter the other day. We were all grappling with the best way to leave some love without being misconstrued as either a stalker or self-promoter.

    The old Google Authorship experiment rewarded a firehose approach to commenting in one of its iteration. Crazy days.

    I mourned the day Copyblogger comments were turned off, but I totally understood the reason for it. We lost the cohesive public camaraderie of a truly amazing group of CB devotees. I learned nearly as much from their comments as I did from the original post.

    The quality of the conversation was a beautiful thing…until is wasn’t.

    Coming back after a hiatus from online everything, I’m trying to figure out my new groove. It would be wonderful to see some of those wise and worldly comments from that original tribe of commenters.

    Hashim, Darren, Sonia T, Priya, Patrice, Mark, and so many others. The roll call is a long one, but also a quality one.

    I hope it is a repeatable one.

    • Me too, Lori!

      One thing I look for as a commenter is a lower-clutter environment. So I won’t comment on a YouTube video that has 1000 comments (955 of which are spam or abuse), because no one can get heard in that din. But I’m commenting more on thoughtfully written stuff with a smaller, but more genuine, comment community.

  2. Hey Sonia,

    Connecting with others is the best thing. Brian has focused on some great the customers and clients perspectives and the need.

    I have read about Andrew. He nailed it. It’s all about how you explore yourself and try to embrace your relationship with your readers.

    Keep connecting.

  3. To list all the points I liked in the blog commenting article would mean I would have to virtually rewrite the article. Some great points mentioned. One of which had me redoing my Gravatar.
    I think automated commenting by robots with spun gibberish is what has really led to many sites stopping commenting on their posts. Nothing worse than all the comments from people that you can see haven’t even read your post.
    It is really a pity as commenting helps to connect you to your audience.

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