The Difference Between Cheap and Good

The Difference Between Cheap and Good

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  1. Going the extra mile is the best way to go, because not many people are willing to do it and play the long game. Based on your content, I know copyblogger is!

  2. Hey Sonia,

    There are many bundles of cheap marketing tactics provided by people. Most of the people manipulate the newbies with their creamy talks.

    I like how Aaron put it together about the evergreen content. I totally agree with it.

    Social sharing increases the SEO, no doubt that Beth has merged some great points in the article.

    Glad to have a look again.

  3. Hi Sonia,

    I like the way Aaron’s evergreen content is done. It’s a keeper because I can take it and use it as a reference list for a long time. Can’t do it all at once lol.

    Evergreen content works best because it never dies. The hype some are throwing at us dies quickly. There is a big difference there.

    This is one great share, especially for the novice out there who hasn’t been “burned” yet, so I will share.


  4. Many thanks to the team for all the great articles you publish.

    All in all, you were able do create a great style, really.

    Always great to read your posts.

    Keep on track in 2017.

    Cheers from Paris


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