5 Ways to Tap into an Endless Wellspring of Creative Content Ideas

5 Ways to Tap into an Endless Wellspring of Creative Content Ideas

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  1. Hey Sonia,
    That’s a wonderful article, but I only use one of the methods you mentioned and that is using the phone app. I am quite forgetful and can’t carry a notebook or journal with me everywhere, but I always have my phone with me, so I have installed a note-taking app to jot down everything that comes to my mind for later use!

    • So much of idea capture is just finding out what works well with your habits and preferences. 🙂

      The mobile, especially because most of us are never too far away from it, is definitely a great tool!

  2. Hey Sonia, I like option #3. But I keep it very simple. I just have a “task list” on my phone’s home screen that looks like a to-do list. While it’s not made to keep notes or ideas, it works for me because it’s insanely quick without the bells and whistles. I just want to jot down my idea and keep it there until I can check it off (meaning I’ve finally written about the topic).

    I think you’ll agree that if you just start writing… more ideas will flow without much thought. Even if you’re writing about a topic brand new to you, maybe begin with a couple obvious questions (writing those questions into the post) and answer them below (after researching valid sources). It’s a good tip for SEO content writing as well.

    Loving your work!

  3. Hey Sonia!

    I love your tips here. As a content creator and blogger, you have to make such advice a habit in your daily life. This something that I have been doing just for the past few months. Prior to that I was not doing any of this and had a lot of writer’s block and had a hard time coming up with new content ideas for my niche audience.

    Now, I have notebooks where I can jot down any new ideas that come to my brain at any time. I a small notebook and a medium size notebook that I leave around my house. When I’m on the go I use my smartphone. The key here is to always have it in your mind that when you get a new idea to save it somewhere so you won’t forget and regret.

    And you are so right, just because you have a lot of content ideas, that does not mean you’re going to generate high-quality content. Ideas are just ideas and you need to put in the work and research to make these ideas work in the way you want them to.

    Thank you for sharing your tips here!

    Best regards! 😀

  4. When I get in a creative rut- I stop trying! It’s like staring at a big piece of white paper. Where’s the inspiration in that? This was awesome! I laughed out loud and was so happy to hear that I’m not alone in feeling the pressure of recreating the wheel all the time.

  5. Hooray for bullet journals! I’ve recently discovered bullet journals, erasable markers and washi tape. It’s my new favorite type of notebook and organizational system. I agree with the combo of pen & paper and technology. I’m enjoying exploring Evernote.

    Look forward to learning more about the course. I’ve no shortage of ideas, so combining them with solid foundations and systems would be dreamy.

  6. Wow! I can’t believe #2 about index cards! I thought I was the only person who even thought about this old-fashioned way to capture, keep, and rearrange ideas.

    I appreciated this article because you got into things that show it *does* take time to do it properly. Build time into the schedule and writer’s block could become a thing of the past.

    Someone asked me, once, why it takes me a year to write a blog. Well, because I work a year out in the schedule, jot a new idea down when it comes into my head, and have the luxury of time to work on it because … hello … I work a year ahead – ha!

    Thank you, thank you for corroborating I’m not a crazy writing person ;-D

  7. We love our idea wall. Once a quarter we brainstorm topic ideas and tack them to a bulletin board in the hallway. When any of our team is stuck for an idea, you can find them standing in front of the board.

    If we use the idea, we take down the card. When the board thins out it is time to brainstorm again.

  8. Creative minds do have a propensity to relapse into a “block” at times…this write-up will provide them sufficient clues to get going and consciously generate ideas that will form the basis of great content that should eventually follow.

  9. Sonia love the article and the creative ideas to brainstorm topics and content. We like the index card idea, however, we use post it notes with different colours and as a group throw out all types of content ideas – we like to do it on Friday’s as a way to connect with the office again and wind down the week. It has helped the team not only bond together but also come up with interesting ideas.

  10. I definitely am an index card person. I have so many things written down from CB.
    And, then what I do, every now and then, I pick them up and go through them,
    lots of the time reading them aloud. I’m trying to learn how to be a good content marketing copywriter and here at CB, there are so many things and I just love to write a lot of it down and go over it every chance I get. So, your mention to use them for any novel or crazy or unique ideas I get also sounds cool to me and I am going to start doing that. Thanks for your great article.

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