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Solar Systems


     Solar panels (arrays of photvoltaic cells) make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy. Home Solar Panels have far-reaching benefits. The ability we have to harness the power of the sun is a relatively new source of energy, but the potential for this technology is proving to be one of the most important energy sources of the future.

     There are many advantages to using solar-generated power in your home, both for the environment and for your own personal finances. Solar power is a renewable source. This means it does not rely on consumption of fossil fuels, decreasing dependence on drilling and foreign oil. Like wind and water energy sources, the sun is not something that is going to run out like coal and oil will. Home Solar Panels are the easiest to set up when compared to equipment you need for water or wind energy production.

     Since it is a non-polluting energy source, no greenhouse gases, or any byproduct for that matter, are emitted into the atmosphere, unlike standard electricity sources and generators. This is a big draw to many people who have become environmentally aware in recent years.

What are some bennifits to having a solar system?

  • Clean electricity using clean renewable energy.
  • The only cost is the solar system and its maintenance.
  • With the money you invest in buying solar panels, the company Invests in developing more advanced solar panels.
  • Unlike fossil fuel Solar Panels prices are going down and solar panels efficiency increases.
  • Solar panels do not produce radiation.
  • It is easy to maintain the solar panels.
  • It can be combined to generate electricity using wind turbines and produce electricity also when it is dark and winter.
  • In the future you can add more solar panels produce more electricity.
  • Solar panels don't take space used for another porposes ,in any case the roof is not normally used for anything.

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    Products and Services

    On-Grid or Off-Grid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine V.A.W.T.

    On-Grid or Off-Grid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine V.A.W.T.

    The uses for this 12 volt unit are nearly endless.  Not only is it perfect for battery maintenance, it can also be used to power remote lighting, laptops, communications equipment, signs, or nearly anything imaginable that is electronic in nature.  One can connect this unit to any 12vdc battery to charge it, and then run DC devices off the battery.  Or, attach a small AC output inverter, then run your AC powered appliances.  This is a great working conversation piece to show the potential of what can be done with renewable energy today.

    Video of the F.S.W. 10w Mini:


    FSW 10w Mini V.A.W.T.

    -Mill Diameter: 12"
    -Airfoil Length: 12"
    -Working Wind Speed: 9-44 Mph
    -Nominal Rated Wind Speed: 22Mph
    -Max Wind Speed: 89Mph
    -Nominal Power Rating: 10w
    -Maximum Power: 26watts
    -Maximum Output Current: 2.15amps
    -Rated Output: 12Vdc
    -Weight: 9Lbs

      * Integrated 12v battery charger, spare charge controller, and turbine mounting pillar are included.

    Shipping Info

    OUR PRICE W/O INSTALL: $300.00



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